Work Field Of Love 

Working in a nursing facility is definitely not an easy job at all. A lot of us have crazy schedules. Either we have to be up super early working 1st shift,sacrifice most of our day on 2nd when we sleep all day & everyone is out & about. 3rd shifters whole life is off balance with lack of sleep & proper eating schedules. 
Then there are the holidays & every other weekend that we lose with our loved ones to provide our elderly the love & care that they deserve. We have schedules to keep to throughout our day to assure our residents get to & from where they need & want to go. All the meanwhile providing them with utmost respect & dignity & greeting families with a warm heart & smile. We have to maintain our composure when we are having a rough day & people aren’t being very understanding. We hold off going to the bathroom many times because we put our residents before ourselves & stay over when we promised that one little lady we’d make time to do her nails or that little man we would listen to his story about his doctor’s appointment. The list goes on. 
I am proud to say I work with so many dedicated & compassionate men & women that have chosen Love as their work field. It takes a lot of heart to do this kind of job. It takes special kind of people. We are not told often enough & we don’t tell eachother on a daily. I appreciate each of you & am proud to do what I do & work alongside an awesome group of people. ❤️ #justbecause #appreciation #myrant #thinkingoutloud #thirteenyrsandcounting #giftoflove


Who I Am

I am a single mother of 3 amazing boys. They are 14,9 & 7. They are my reason of being & the fuel to keep me moving forward in life. I am a CENA at a local nursing facility. I have worked there for almost 4 years in April but I have worked in this field for a total of 13 years. I love what I do! I have a huge heart for the elderly & the hurting. 

I was married for 16 years to the father of my boys. We had a wonderful life together for many years until the chaos & stress that comes with being home owners,trying to run a small trucking business & having a new baby (#2) hit.

We tried to work things out as most hurting marriages do. We moved away for a year but like they say “you can’t run away from your problems,they will follow.”  We decided to move back home to Michigan. By then having had baby #3. Things just weren’t what they once were. No matter what we tried,things seemed to break apart worst. We made a mutual agreement to separate rather then hurting our children with the coldness between us. He moved back to Texas. I remained in Michigan with my 3 boys. We didn’t want to make them victims of who we had become toward eachother. 

I wasn’t employed at the time because we had moved back & I had transferred my CENA certification to Texas & it was non transferable back to Michigan.  I had to take my state test again & get my certification all over again. Once I did ,I got a job & filed for a divorce. 

Having to start from the bottom up. I had to purchase an older vehicle to be able to get around. I struggled with childcare for my boys given the crazy schedules I had to work.  We wound up losing our home because I couldn’t afford the mortgage payment on my sole income. I went through the darkest times of my life. I had hit rock bottom! I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt like I was drowning in fear & depression. 

I grew up in a Christian home. I had been a faithful church goer all of my life but had strayed away when my marriage was breaking. I found a local church & started attending frequently again. I brought prayer back into mine & my boy’s lives . They started going to Kid’s group at church. The missing & most important element in my life had been restored.

I wish I could say my marriage was restored. Sadly,that did not happen. I am a firm believer that some people are brought into your life for certain seasons only . My boys & I did get back on our feet & every single material  thing we lost was replaced with far better ones. We have since acquired a home,a newer vehicle that suits our needs & many countless blessings! 

We are happy,healthy & full of hope for a wonderful future! I have created this blog to share my personal life experiences with others that may be finding themselves in the very situation that I overcame. I want to help shed light & inspiration in their darkness.  Straight from my heart to yours,there is hope. Don’t lose heart. You will heal & your heart will live & love again . You will find your true self along your journey & will be stronger than you ever thought you could be. ❤️ 

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